Registration now up

The registration option to leave comments on the site are now up. You can either register or leave a comment without registering. You will need to leave your email address if you do not register, however that does not get displayed openly.

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Newest addition to family

We need to send out a congratulation to Glenn Main Jr, he is now a proud great-grandfather of Mac Brian on the 18th of August. Enjoy the new little one Glenn and pass on your family information to the new generation.

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Book is almost done

In my last post I said that I was close to having all of the information from Glenn’s work entered into a database. I have now finished that work. There are close to 31,000 names in the database.

Currently Glenn and I are working on fixing known errors, especially typos and misspellings. This will take some time as sometimes the information is just not easy to get. However, I feel that a well written book is getting much closer to reality.

The next step, which I am busy trying to do, is to find a publisher. I have contacted a couple of places and may have found one that will work. Because of the size of the database the book will be around 2200 pages which means multiple volumes. This also means that the cost of printing will be substantial.

For anyone interested in a hard copy please let me know. I will also like to know of places that might possibly like a copy. So far I will send a copy to the Historical Society of Frederick County and the Maryland Room at the C Burr Arts library in Frederick. I would like to only have one printing of the book if possible. IF you have any other suggestions please let me know.

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Johann descendants book

Glenn Main Jr, for those that do not know, has four notebooks full of the descendants of Johann Georg Mehn. He began putting them into a database years ago, and for those who have contacted him you have probably gotten something from this database.

For the last two years I have been helping him enter names into the database. We are almost finished with this work. Within the next couple of months the data entry will be finished and be ready for editing. This is the same information that is in the family tree on this site so if you see any problems please let me know so that it can be corrected.

After the editing stage a book will be published. This will be a very large book, over 2000 pages, and only a handful of copies will be made, most will go to libraries and historical societies in the area. I am still looking for a publisher so if you know of one please let me know.

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The Main family cemetery is again overgrown. I stopped by today to check up on it, haven’t been in a couple of months. The path to the cemetery is still there, it just needs a few hours of cleanup.

I am happy though that all of the stones are still in the place that we set them in back in April and that they have not been further broken.

Someone also put a wreath in the middle of the cemetery, so whoever that was thank you.

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Mary Christina Mayne

Here is our first big mystery that is need of being solved.

Mary Christina Mayne/Main’s birth date is unknown. She is the daughter of John Jacob Mayne and Sarah Bopst. They had 11 children:
Joshua born 1820
David born 1821
Sarah born 1822
Sophia born 1824
John Jacob Jr born abt 1828
Mary Christina born abt 1828
Rosannah born abt 1832
Joseph born 1833
Susan born abt 1835
Eveline born 1836
Enos born 1841

Mary’s tombstone gives a date of birth as 5 February 1822, which puts her too close to Sarah. Her tombstone can be found at Find a Grave. Someone posted her date of birth as 5 February 1828 on Find a Grave, though gives no reason for it.

The 1850, 1870, and 1880 census records gives her a birth of about 1828. The next step will be to find the 1860 census, the census records for her brother John Jr and any church records for the family.

Hopefully this mystery can be solved and a good DOB can be found. If anyone has any more information please let me know.

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I had a good visit with Glenn Main Jr over the weekend. We got some genealogical work done. For those that don’t know Glenn is the keeper of all of the information on the descendants of Johann Georg Mehn. We have been using his information to make the family tree on this site. Almost all of his work is entered into our database. Without his help, and that of his father, we never would of had the amount of information that we have today.

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Philip Main family

A couple of years ago I took a DNA test for my paternal line. It turns out that we are related to the Philip Main family. I know a few others have also taken the test and I will try and get their results as well along with a link to how to take your own tests.

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New Family tree is here

The new family tree is up and running. It is still in a test mode so there will be changes along the way. This is the current tree as I have it so far.

Search for your ancestors and see what we have. If they are not listed that means they are still living, there is no date of death assigned to them, or I do not have the information. If you want to help keep the tree up to date then please send any changes to me. For those that wish to be involved in the upkeep of the tree then let me know and you can get an account.

There are close to 30,000 names in the database, though a lot of those are of living people. There is still quite a bit of information to be added in the next couple of months.

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I have decided to go with The Next Generation web tree program. Right now we are testing the tree and seeing what it can and can not do. For now you will only see the old tree, but please feel free to let me know of any problems that you happen to find. I have been told twice now that Elizabetha Winter’s birth date is too late making her 12 when she was married and 14 when she had her first child. These are the kinds of errors/mistakes I am looking for.

I have also heard back from a few more people saying that they had a good time at the reunion this past weekend. I’m glad that people had a good time and I will come up with a time to have the next reunion. Hopefully with the website we will find more people.

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