Looking for web tree program

Currently I am looking for a new program to have a non static tree put on the site. I have seen three such programs so far but have not used any of them for more then a couple of minutes.

So far I have looked into phpgedview and Next Generation.

I’m not sure which of these are any good or not, and NG costs. If anyone has used any of these programs please let me know. I’d like to put as much information out there as I can without there being information on living people.

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Family Reunion

Today, April 30 2011, we had our first Mehn/Main/Mayne family reunion in many years at the Mayne Tree farm in Buckeystown, MD. There were about 60-70 people in attendance and a great time was had by all. I hope that those that did attend learned some new information about their family and that everyone who went to the family cemetery found it without problems.

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Family Tree

There is now a family tree for the first four generations of the family available on the site. The intent is to have no living people available in the tree so currently it is much smaller then it will be in the future. If you have any corrections or additional information please let me know.

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Mehn Family Reunion 2011

The Mehn Family Reunion will be taking place at Mayne’s Tree Farm, Buckeystown, MD on April 30th, 2011.

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