New documents added

I was contacted about some documents that I was given by Winfield Mayne of Iowa. Most of them deal with his family that fought in the Civil War. They are about the Battle of Kirksville and the Mississippi Marine Brigade. A couple of the other documents are short and deal with Johann Georg Mehn, his wife, and the Harle, the ship that Johann came in on. These documents can be found under the documents link in the Main family tree.

The reports were written by Winfield so if used please remember to cite who wrote the report.

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I have updated the database, there are more names, a lot of updates with new information and hopefully I’ve fixed the information that’s been sent to me. Please let me know of any changes you may find.

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New updated program

So thanks to my brother Chris we now have an updated version of the program to run the Main family database. Please let me know of any problems you may encounter.

I will update the information as soon as I make some minor changes.

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Database problems

So it seems there’s a problem with the database currently. I’m hoping to sort it out soon. I’m also hoping to put a whole new database up with corrections and additional information that I have found in the last year or so.

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Georg Mehn descendants book set

I have found that the self publishing company LuLu does a very good job at printing books for a reasonable price. With almost 32,000 names in the Mehn family database a printed set of books would run around 2800 pages. The cost to print a set would probably be in the $200 range, most likely too much for most people to buy.

My thoughts on this would be to make 2-3 copies of the set and give to the Frederick Historical Society and the Maryland Room. I’m sure there are other libraries that would like a copy, but the cost to me would be prohibitive. If someone knows of a place they would like to donate a copy to please let me know. I will begin working on getting the books into a printable format and then see how much it costs to print.

Should any one like their own copy I will provide a link when the set is done. Hopefully I will be done in the next month or so, right now the hard part is deciding how to break into manageable sets and other such formatting items.

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Here is a list of the marriage licenses and receipts that I have scanned in. If you go to the Mehn/Main family tree and then All Media you can find them listed there. Feel free to use them as you wish. The originals will be given to the Frederick Historical Society.

Thomas Bell m. Christine Main (license)
George Biser m. Emma Main (license)
Charles Boller m. Mary Main (license)
Samuel Croft m. Alice Main (license)
Hiram Cutail m. Ida Main (license)
John Eccard m. Clara Main (receipt)
Charles Flemming m. Sallie Main (license)
John Gassman m. Josephine Main (license)
Joseph Hildebran m. Ella Main (receipt)
Moris Holter m. Cora Main (receipt)
Charles Koogle m. Amanda Main (license)
John Koogle m. Annie Main (license)
Carlton Main m. Charlotte Jacobs (license)
Charles E. Main m. India Poole (receipt)
Charles F. Main m. Della Hefner (receipt)
Charles P. Main m. Clara Biser (license)
Clarence Main m. Alta Flook (receipt)
Edward Main m. Cora Joy (receipt)
George A. Main m. Mary Smith (license)
George W. Main m. Mary Michael (license)
George W. Main m. Margaret Lare (receipt)
James Main m. Mary Wilhide (license)
John C. Main m. Mary Hildebrand (license)
John Calvin Main m. Sarah Stein (license)
Joshua Main m. Mary Haupt (license)
Lafayette Main m. Susie Kephart (receipt)
Roy Main m. Minnie Kelly (receipt)
William F. Main m. Della Shafer (receipt)
William F. Main m. Nettie Jones (receipt)
Charles W. Mayne m. Sarah Grabill (receipt)
Daniel Mayne m. Margarett Maynard (license)
John Mayne m. Ada Moxley (license)
William Staub m. Susan Main (license)
Daniel Stine m. Lucinda Main (license)
Richard Tidings m. Mary Main (license)
Clinton Willard m. Sarah Main (receipt)

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Marriage licenses

Thanks to Bob Fout I have been give about 30 marriage licenses for the Main family that took place in Frederick county. I will scan them soon and post them to the proper people. The majority of them come from the 1870s-1910.

The marriage licenses will be donated to the Frederick Historical society when I am done scanning them.

I also have a scan of a bible page from an Adam Mayn and Catherine Kemp that I will post soon.

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McFarland family book

Today I was told of a book called “The Book of the Generations of William McFarland and Nancy Kilgore 1740-1912″ which details at least some of the Main and McFarland families. There’s even an physical description of Robert McFarland and Anna Main:

“Previous to 1831 Robert McFarland lived in Loudon Co., Va., in Frederick Co., Md., and probably in some counties of West Va., along the Potomac river. As a journeyman shoemaker, he never stayed long in one place and frequently moved his family with him from place to place. He was a very large, strong man, over 6 feet tall, and weighing over 200 pounds. In those rough frontier days he was the hero of many a village scrimmage. He was converted in middle age, and with his wife, joined the Methodist Episcopal church.
Anna Main was a small woman, of German parentage. The name was a very common one at that time among the Germans of Southern Pennsylvania and Maryland. Four of their children having moved to Richland Co., O., Robert McFarland, with the rest of his family, moved in wagons to Ohio in the fall of 1831, settling in Washington Twp., Richland Co. Washington Twp. lies directly south of Madison Twp., in which Mansfield, the county seat, is situated. Washington Village is near the northeast corner of the township, about a mile from the north and east line. The post office was called Barnes P. O.. but has been discontinued many years.” page 14.

Because the book was written in 1912 it is out of copyright and I will save a PDF copy of theĀ  William McFarland book here.

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I have added a few photos to the Main family cemetery section. I will need to get back out there and see how it’s holding up and get some better photos of all the stones.

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William Henry Main Sr and Flora Carpenter


This photo is reportedly of William Henry Main Sr and Flora Elizabeth Carpenter on their wedding day25 February 1920. This photo sent in by Bernard Carpenter.

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