Here is a list of the marriage licenses and receipts that I have scanned in. If you go to the Mehn/Main family tree and then All Media you can find them listed there. Feel free to use them as you wish. The originals will be given to the Frederick Historical Society.

Thomas Bell m. Christine Main (license)
George Biser m. Emma Main (license)
Charles Boller m. Mary Main (license)
Samuel Croft m. Alice Main (license)
Hiram Cutail m. Ida Main (license)
John Eccard m. Clara Main (receipt)
Charles Flemming m. Sallie Main (license)
John Gassman m. Josephine Main (license)
Joseph Hildebran m. Ella Main (receipt)
Moris Holter m. Cora Main (receipt)
Charles Koogle m. Amanda Main (license)
John Koogle m. Annie Main (license)
Carlton Main m. Charlotte Jacobs (license)
Charles E. Main m. India Poole (receipt)
Charles F. Main m. Della Hefner (receipt)
Charles P. Main m. Clara Biser (license)
Clarence Main m. Alta Flook (receipt)
Edward Main m. Cora Joy (receipt)
George A. Main m. Mary Smith (license)
George W. Main m. Mary Michael (license)
George W. Main m. Margaret Lare (receipt)
James Main m. Mary Wilhide (license)
John C. Main m. Mary Hildebrand (license)
John Calvin Main m. Sarah Stein (license)
Joshua Main m. Mary Haupt (license)
Lafayette Main m. Susie Kephart (receipt)
Roy Main m. Minnie Kelly (receipt)
William F. Main m. Della Shafer (receipt)
William F. Main m. Nettie Jones (receipt)
Charles W. Mayne m. Sarah Grabill (receipt)
Daniel Mayne m. Margarett Maynard (license)
John Mayne m. Ada Moxley (license)
William Staub m. Susan Main (license)
Daniel Stine m. Lucinda Main (license)
Richard Tidings m. Mary Main (license)
Clinton Willard m. Sarah Main (receipt)

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I have been working with the Main family genealogy since December of 2009 and with my own personal family genealogy since 2008.
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    Engagement is a significant part of a Punjabi wedding. The bride’s family visits the groom’s family with gifts to confirm the engagement.

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