Georg Mehn descendants book set

I have found that the self publishing company LuLu does a very good job at printing books for a reasonable price. With almost 32,000 names in the Mehn family database a printed set of books would run around 2800 pages. The cost to print a set would probably be in the $200 range, most likely too much for most people to buy.

My thoughts on this would be to make 2-3 copies of the set and give to the Frederick Historical Society and the Maryland Room. I’m sure there are other libraries that would like a copy, but the cost to me would be prohibitive. If someone knows of a place they would like to donate a copy to please let me know. I will begin working on getting the books into a printable format and then see how much it costs to print.

Should any one like their own copy I will provide a link when the set is done. Hopefully I will be done in the next month or so, right now the hard part is deciding how to break into manageable sets and other such formatting items.

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I have been working with the Main family genealogy since December of 2009 and with my own personal family genealogy since 2008.
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