Wow, a year has gone by, didn’t even notice the time.

I’ve shut down the ability to register for the site, you can still be added but I was getting a lot of spammers. Email me if you’d like to have an account.

Information is still slowly coming in on new family members. I’m still trying, here and there, to find a good way to create a book. At 2500 plus pages it’s impossible to handle with an off the shelf word processor. Maybe I should split it into 3-4 different books.

CDs are still possible if anyone is interested. I have upgraded to Roots Magic 5, even though they’ve now moved on to 6.

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Interest in Family History CD

I am gauging interest in a Family History CD to see how many people would like to have one. The CD would be created by Roots Magic and have all of the information  that we currently have. Unfortunately the CD will only work on Windows  unless you have a way to run Windows programs on another platform.

Because there are many little errors, typos and such, plus a few larger errors, this would be a Beta CD, meaning not complete. I am hoping that the people who purchase the CD will find any errors and contact me to correct them.

I would also like for anyone who has photos or stories that they would like to share in future editions of the CD to send them to me.

If you’re interested in the CD please contact me, from the bar above, and we’ll figure out how to get the CD to you.

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New mailing list

I have created a mailing list on Yahoo! for the discussion of the family tree. You may join here

I will moderate the group to hopefully keep spam down. Make suggestions, add corrections, or hopefully help us find answers to some of the perplexing questions we have about the family.

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Looking for stories and photos

I am starting to look for more then just vital information on family members now. If you have, or would like to write, stories or anything else about individual family members then please do so. You may write whatever you think might be interesting for future generations. Your name will be at the bottom of each narrative and will be included in whatever we decide to ultimately publish.

I am also looking for photos of family members, I already have some but would love more. Again these will be included in whatever publication is done with credit given to the owner of the photos.

What better way to allow others who are researching their own families then to be able to find long lost photos and stories about their ancestors. Contact me with whatever you’d like to submit.

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Book, CD Book, or CD family tree?

Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten some comments and questions about the book. We are still working on some of the families trying to get dates that actually make sense. As of this time the book is on hold until these dates can be found or at least estimated.

However, I have been thinking about how best to get the information to the people who would like it. I have three options. The first is a traditional book, the second is the book in CD format for viewing on the computer, the third is a Roots Magic family tree on CD. There are pros and cons to each way.

The pros for a book are you can read it anywhere and no need for a computer. The cons are the expense, probably over $100 for the book, and if things get changed then a new book or supplement will have to be produced.

For a book on CD, they are cheap, easy to search and updates can be made easier. The cons are that you need a computer and the files can be very large, sometimes so large that they do not open well.

The newest option is a family tree on CD. Roots Magic, my preferred program, can create a searchable tree on CD. The biggest pros to this method is cost, photos can be easily added, the same goes with stories or other items that people would like to include about individual people, and new updates can be made easily. The cons are that it will only run on PCs and it is possible that in a few years the program will no longer run, though I don’t think that will really be a problem.

At this time I’m leaning towards having printed books for those that really want them, though they would have to be paid for in advance, and for historical societies and libraries. Then create a Roots Magic CD for everyone else. My best guess for a CD would be in the $5-10 range.

Please contact me and let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions.

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Main cemetery

I did a quick stop by the family cemetery today. While it is starting to become over grown again all of the stones are still standing, which is something I worried about since most of them had to be replaced. This spring I will need to get there and cut back some of the growth. This will be much easier since it was done last spring.

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New DAR admission

We have a new DAR admission in Carolyn Joyce McGuire (Mayne). She was able to get in through John Main, the fifth child of Johann Mehn. For those that maybe looking to get into DAR and are related to John let me know and I can let Carolyn know and she can give you the information you may need.

This makes at least two of Johann’s children that fought or helped out during the American Revolution.

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Still in search mode, the only William Mains found to have died in the 1960s in Montana, the place originally given, is a William L Mains who died in January of 1961. However, he seems to have been born in the 1870s and died in 61 and not 60.

The search continues.

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More on William Perkins Mains

In a search for William Perkins Mains on I have not been able to locate any deaths in 1960 in the state of Montana for William. I have been able to find the marriage record for William and Virginia so one piece of information has been corroborated. I have yet to find a marriage for William and Helen.

I believe the next step will be to search for Helen. Anyone who finds any information please let me know.

Today, the 13th, I called Bellefontaine Cemetery, where Mary Virginia is buried and they confirmed that he is not buried there.

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Looking for William Perkins Mains

I am looking for information on William Perkins Mains, he was born in 1846 and supposed to have died in 1960. That’s right 114. However things just don’t seem to work out and I’d like to find more information on him and if he did live that long there should be an obituary or something out there.

William first married Mary Virginia Toncray (1848-1909), of which I have seen the marriage license from Missouri for. They had 7 children.

Next William was supposed to have married Helen Banter in 1911. They were supposed to of had 9 children together, however, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

If anyone has any proof on this second marriage, or when and where William died it would go a long way to fixing his information.

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