Interest in Family History CD

I am gauging interest in a Family History CD to see how many people would like to have one. The CD would be created by Roots Magic and have all of the information  that we currently have. Unfortunately the CD will only work on Windows  unless you have a way to run Windows programs on another platform.

Because there are many little errors, typos and such, plus a few larger errors, this would be a Beta CD, meaning not complete. I am hoping that the people who purchase the CD will find any errors and contact me to correct them.

I would also like for anyone who has photos or stories that they would like to share in future editions of the CD to send them to me.

If you’re interested in the CD please contact me, from the bar above, and we’ll figure out how to get the CD to you.

About Bryan

I have been working with the Main family genealogy since December of 2009 and with my own personal family genealogy since 2008.
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  1. Heather Godwin says:

    I am interested in a family CD. I have been doing research off and on for 5 years now. I would love to have more information.

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