Welcome to the new Mehn/Main Family website for the descendants of Johann Georg  Mehn. The above photo is from the Main family cemetery near Gambrill Park in Frederick, Maryland.

Please visit the Mehn Family tree and search for your deceased relatives.


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  1. Gloria Mayne says:

    I recently dicovered I am a direct descendant of Johan Georg Mein:
    Johan Georg Mein—John Main—Adam Mayne—Emmanuel Mayne—Philander Townsend Mayne—Alvidus (Alvadus) Mayne—Harry McDonald Mayne—Donald Reed Mayne—Joel Sage Mayne—Me: Gloria Alina Mayne.
    I woul love to get in touch to get our family branch included among the Mehn descendants.
    I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Chris Mayne says:

    I have also learned that I am related to the family. If my research is correct, Johann Georg Mehn is my 6th great grandfather.

  3. Does anyone know why/how Johan Georg settled near Frederick in 1736? There seems to have been a previous Palatine migration to North America in 1708. Could Johan Georg been going to join a relative?

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