New Family tree is here

The new family tree is up and running. It is still in a test mode so there will be changes along the way. This is the current tree as I have it so far.

Search for your ancestors and see what we have. If they are not listed that means they are still living, there is no date of death assigned to them, or I do not have the information. If you want to help keep the tree up to date then please send any changes to me. For those that wish to be involved in the upkeep of the tree then let me know and you can get an account.

There are close to 30,000 names in the database, though a lot of those are of living people. There is still quite a bit of information to be added in the next couple of months.

About Bryan

I have been working with the Main family genealogy since December of 2009 and with my own personal family genealogy since 2008.
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