Main Family Cemetery

The Main family cemetery, also known as High Knob, is located about 1/4 of a mile past Gambril Park Rd on US 40 in Frederick county Maryland.  There were at one time twelve tombstones, currently there are only eleven.

Prior to April 2011 all but three of the stones had been removed and scattered around the cemetery grounds. There was also a lot of over growth. In March of 2011 Rev Samuel Martz, who knew the cemetery was there, took it upon himself to begin the cleanup of the cemetery. In April of 2011 Bryan Main, Pat and James Smith, and Bob Fout helped to restore the cemetery by fixing the broken stones and replacing as best as possible the eight stones that had been removed from the ground.


The known stones at the cemetery are:


Catherine Maine: born 1/28/1792; died 9/3/1819
1801 Augustiden 25 1796: Itrab Anna Fiftern
Conrad Schultz: died 11/28/1880, aged 64 years
In memory of Susana Main, wife of John Main: died 4/19/1825, aged 69 years
In memory of Sarah A Main, wife of David Main: born 9/26/1803; died 8/6/1842
The poem on Sarah’s stone reads:
Tender wife they days are ended
All thy afflicted days below.
Go by Angels guards attended
To the sight of Jesus go.


In memory of Edward C Main, son of David and S. A. Main, died 6/15/1841
Cornelius Main, son of David S Main; died 6/4/1839, aged 4 years 6 months 18 days
In memory of Joseph G Main; born 7/16/1849, died 4/16/1850 age 9 months
In memory of Mahlon Maine, died 12/25/1817, age 31 years 2 months 19 days
In memory of George Mahn; born 9/13/1787, died 6/27/1848, age 61 years
Maryate, daughter of John T & Sarah A Main; died 5/25/1843, aged 4 years 11 months 12 days
Gideon Main, 1842-1847


As of April 2011 Gideon’s stone is not in the cemetery but was listed in Holdcraft’s Names in Stone book. Conrad Shultz, Edward Main and Joseph Main’s stones were all broken and have since been repaired. We were able to replace the stones because of photos found at the Frederick County Historical Society.


The geographical coordinates for the cemetery are 39º27.066’N -077º29.886’W

Mahn Joseph Main Cornelius Main Edward Main Maryate Main Susana Maine Hahlan

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  1. Donna Schultz says:

    Does anyone know why Conrad Schultz is buried in the Main Family Cemetery? In addition, if anyone has any information on Conrad and is entry into the US, we would appreciate it.

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